‘Our garden was a vast and unruly thing that completely overwhelmed me, it has been gradually transformed room by room into something inspirational and extraordinarily beautiful.’ ~

Ms Edwards – Nuffield

‘We are absolutely delighted with our newly planted garden and are very excited about the prospect of watching it grow next spring and onwards.’ ~

Ms Edwards – Nuffield

‘Thank-you for transforming my garden! I am enjoying it everyday, and cannot wait for the spring and summer again to watch things grow’

Liz – Marlow

‘ My small garden was a lawn full of weeds and uninspiring borders and now is a haven of tropical chaos, bringing the seaside to my backdoor with an array of luscious leafy plants. I can’t wait for the colours to burst out in the spring.’

Helen – Marlow

The garden is looking absolutely perfect. You did a really marvellous job, everyone is thrilled with it.’

Chris – Newbury

‘We had often thought our garden failed to achieve its potential, but were unsure what to do to achieve it. We now have interest, colour and form throughout the year and have been introduced to unfamiliar plants that would not have been previously considered. Thank you’

Michael & Mary – Marlow Bottom